" YouTube is now the second most popular search engine after Google and Google now shows video results as standard in integrated search results."



YouTube is now  the second most popular search engine after Google and Google now shows video results as standard in integrated search results.  This has  created huge marketing opportunities for businesses especially as for YouTube inexpensive  photo based slide shows can be just as effective as expensive filming.   


As an example we created a YouTube channel with over 600,000 views  for a small London burlesque club just using pictures of  customers and performers  from the venue's website which we  turned into slide show videos.    The channels videos also rank on the first page in video search  for all  the clients  main keyword phrases such as "burlesque show",  "burlesque club",  "burlesque night" .  We are currently working on three other video channel projects for clients


London SEO provides high quality YouTube content generation,  video creation,   video submission and video SEO services as standard to our full consultancy clients and as part of our various SEO packages but not on an individual basis currently.



Our YouTube services


-content generation .We have extensive experience working with clients on cost effective content generation including the reformatting /  repackaging of a client's existing  image content (e.g. pictures, marketing videos) or using simple audio to webcam "How to" methods to create compelling  YouTube videos. 



-channel optimization &SEO.  In  YouTube and Google search it is your YouTube channels  authority that is  the main (off site) determinant of  search engine rankings for  individual videos. Positive "onsite " channel ranking sectors include channel name, keyword density, content & most importantly video submission frequency. Positive "offside" channel ranking factors include subscribers, channel comments, channel views as well as backlinks.  We have developed a number of proprietary on site & off site techniques to increase channel authority & contextual relevancy.


-video creation.  We have extensive experience of creating simple YouTube centric  "picture to slide show", talking to webcam" as well as more sophisticated "TV quality "videos.   Creating YouTube centric video content which reflects YouTube customer preferences is a very specific skill & essential for positive video enjoyment  metrics which are key  video ranking  factors in YouTube & integrated search.


-video optimization & SEO.  YouTube & Google cannot actually view videos and instead relies on text based "relevancy"  (e.g. titles, keywords in body content, geo data), viewer "satisfaction" (e.g. "view time" "favorites")  and viewer "popularity" signals  ("views" "likes" "comments") to determine video search rankings (for link building see below).  We use a  number of proprietary techniques to increase  a video's "relevancy", satisfaction" and "popularity" signals


- social media & multiple platforms.  Integrating your website, Facebook, Twitter &  email outs with your YouTube channel  is essential   Something  as simple as linking to your YouTube videos from your site,  emailing customers when a new video is released or  posting (YouTube) videos on Facebook  can significantly improve video search results. We can advise on  the full range of social media & platform integration issues.


-specialized link building .  We provide specialized link building services to increase both channel and video authority both key video ranking factors.


Our YouTube services



Our YouTube  services are provided as standard to our consultancy clients.





Link type


-high visibility version


Content creation, video creation & submission

-onsite optimization

-platform specific  off site optimization

-general off site optimization

-cross platform integration & marketing

Link in video text and channel area


We have had great success with high visibility YouTube  SEO and believe it is a  is a hugely overlooked SEO method and for that matter media strategy generally .  It is difficult to give a price indication but to create & optimize a YouTube channel and 20 videos (including advising on content generation but not actually producing it) would cost under a £1,000. 



How effective is  YouTube marketing 


YouTube  marketing  is powerful traffic generation tool.  In addition a strong YouTube presence will also improve your website's authority and reputation rank.


We provide full service SEO consultancy services to clients such as   top London clubs website Designmynight, London burlesque club Peacock Bar,London pole dancing school PolePeople, London portrait photographer Karl Yates Photography, London cookery school School Of Wok and corporate cookery class provider Cookery Coach and London rehearsal space Shoreditch Studios. 



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