" Press release submission is a highly effective SEO method for link building, traffic generation & third party media visibility"



Press releases are  one of the least utilized SEO / internet marketing methods as well as one of the  worst executed.   This reflects not only  the wide skill set required (e.g. creating content, copy writing & submission) to create an effective press release but also misunderstandings about the  number of ways   a press release can be used for SEO /internet marketing . The three most important are:-


 - link building version . This  version has embedded do follow links in the body or author section of the press release and  is  submitted  via as many press release sites as possible that allow (ideally multiple) do follow links.  The content also needs to be adjusted to include more information about the business /company's services generally .  Mynewsdesk.com is a good example of a press release site that allows multiple do follow links


 - SEO traffic version . This version  is SEO optimized for your relevant keywords and submitted to the  single press release site  with most authority (e.g. cached by Google News) and additional link building is done to improve its Google SERPS. The content also needs to be adjusted to include more information about the business /company's services / key selling points  generally.  Prlog.org  is a good example of a  press release site that has high visibility and which allows do follow links


 - media version.   This version is for third party media use and is written using the standard (pre internet) press copy writing rules (e.g. short business summary at end). This is submitted via a small number  of sites ( typically 2 or 3)  with the widest overall media, country, industry  and local   coverage .  Prweb.com is a good example of a  press release site that has exceptional international and industry media coverage but does not  allow do follow links (free version)


London SEO provides high quality content generation,  copy writing (SEO, link building, or media optimized), and submission services as standard to our full consultancy clients, as part of our various SEO packages and  on an individual basis.


Issues in press release SEO


Press releases ("news") follow an entirely different set of algorithm rules with "newness" a positive ranking factor and more relaxed duplicate content rules (un surprisingly since the main purpose of press release sites is to generate third party media use).  However  achieving  near instantaneous first page ranking in integrated search is now much harder and Google usually will now only give first page prominence to press releases reproduced by a major blog /magazine / newspaper in integrated search.


 -duplicate content filters. Google's duplicate content rules are much more relaxed with news.  However for maximum effectiveness we do recommend changing titles, opening and closing paragraphs.  This will increase the number of press releases cashed by Google. Spinning is not recommend as all the best press release sites are human moderated and can easily identify spun text


 -submission rules.  The most powerful press release sites have strict submission rules as regards writing style (e.g. no personalization and no overt advertising  ) and composition (e.g. commencing with date .time /location stamp) as well as good grammar & spelling.  In addition different press release sites have different rules regarding links, summaries, body word counts etc.  Our copy writers are all English speaking and experienced in press release writing & re writing


-SEO vs. media vs. link building versions.  Creating multiple versions of press releases is a highly skilled task and most copy writers  -especially those from a PR background who can write excellent media optimized press releases -  do not have the knowledge or experience to do this.  We can work with you PR agency to re write and submit  your media press releases for SE0 and link building .


 -content generation.  We are experts at content generation and in particular re using existing  content or minor events to create news worthy press release material.  This can be something as simple as using  new products, a new product or staff appointment as the initial basis for a press release  and then expanding the scope of the press release.


-energizing.  We provide energizing services as standard  with press releases links and in particular find social bookmarking can significantly improve a press releases  search engine rankings.


 -copy writing skills.  Highly readable, accurate and expert copy is essential for effective press release SEO.  This is not only needed to satisfy press submission moderators but also to impress journalists, bloggers and potential customers.   


-press release sites.  We have developed our own  proprietary list of over 50 press release sites which are most suited for link building, traffic and media press releases.  We are continually updating our lists to ensure maximum effectiveness.  Our experience is that the press release sites  that submission software programs  (like Pressbot )  and  major SEO firms use (e.g. Submit edge)  invariably contain too many spammy press releases.


Our press release services 

Our press release  link building  services are provided as standard to our consultancy clients and in our targeted link building packages




Link type

Press release

-link building version

-high visibility version

-media version

Writing, submission & energizing

- 50 press release sites all PR 4+ do follow

-SEO optimized press release & secondary link building

-media optimized press release submitted to PRweb.com

Quality & bulk. Anchor text in content or signature area


Our general  experience is that companies often   have competent  media  press release strategies but generally do not have a high  traffic or  link building press release strategies.    This is wasteful as the  content (suitably re-edited)  can be re used .


We can create customized high traffic and link building press release strategies - re-using existing content - from as little as £250 


How effective is  press release SEO. 


Press releases are highly effective for link building, traffic generation and media communication


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