“ How much more profitable would your business be if you were on Google’s first page for all your main keywords and had an extra 1,000 unique visitors to your website each month?”
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London SEO provides high quality on site and off site SEO services including website optimization, Google Places and link building services. We adopt a highly mathematical approach to search engine optimization and have developed a range of proprietary SEO methods. 


We have  consistently achieve superior  SEO results for our clients including a 100% success rate in obtaining our corporate  clients multiple Top 10 ranking for their keyword phrases.  Our clients include  3,000 page macro sites like Designmynight, price comparison sites like Broadband Providers, standard business sites like Peacock Bar and  micro sites like Karl Yates Photography.


Our services are fully Google Panda and Google Penguin compliant 


Our services


SEO  is essential to ensure your website is on the first page of Google for all your keyword phrases. At London SEO we have designed a range of sophisticated (and in many cases proprietary) services which takes into account all aspects of Google's revised search algorithm & filters including Nov 2011 "Freshness" update .


-authority site submission.  Creation & optimization of  your corporate profile & reviews on key authority, citation & directory sites in the UK including Brown Book, DMOZ, Qype & Yelp. This service is essential for new sites and site's seeking to increase their authority and trust rank.


-content generation services.  Highly sophisticated own content &  user content strategies including structured citations,  content recycling,   content  reformatting and  content quality (engagement, freshness, uniqueness etc.) strategies on a platform by platform basis.  This service is especially useful for e-commerce & macro sites.


-Google Places optimization. Creation & optimization of your Google Places listing including categories, text , pictures, reviews and video creation & submission.  Local search optimization provides a highly effective alternative route to Top 10 search ranking for clients with "bricks & mortar"


-integration services.  Cross platform protocols, style sheets and inter linking strategies so as to integrate your web properties and facilitate signal capture allowing Google to easily map your complete internet presence.  This is essential for transference of authority, reputation and trust.


-link building services. Highly sophisticated one way back link creation methods using article, blog, directory, forums & press releases  plus our proprietary energizing, esoteric, high on page PR & tiered link building  services.   


-macro site services.  Our specialized large site SEO products including our content generation, bulk anchor text link building, integration and new page ranking strategies.  These services can significantly improve SERPS for otherwise well SEO optimized advertising driven, e-commerce and macro sites.


- on site optimization. Page optimization including site structure, keyword selection, content creation, tag optimization, copy writing, anchor text & interlinking structure.  Strong on site optimization is essential in determining your site's relevance in Google's eyes  


- social media marketing. Creation and optimization of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other social media platforms including SEO, campaigns & increasing social network size.  A presence on the three main social networks is a necessity for any business.


- reputation management.  Creation & optimization of profiles on citation sites, review baiting, review writing & SEO.  Positive citations are essential for converting views into sales


- YouTube.  Creation and optimization of dedicated YouTube channel, video creation & submission.  Video provides an effective alternative route to Top 10 search rankings


 Pricing and working with us


Our SEO services can be accessed on a project, package or consultancy basis. Whichever route you choose we provide a swift turn around, full work, reporting and results service so clients can track the success of their project in real time. (for consultancy clients we also provide guarantee of Top 10 search ranking for pre agreed keyword phrases). If you are not sure which of our services would best suit you please feel free to call or send us an email.


-project specific.  These are designed to develop a particular platform or aspect of your internet presence e.g. a Google Places listing, on-site optimization, or YouTube channel creation & optimization.   Typically prices start from circa £500 for a Google places listing & optimization (including profiles & reviews on citation sites)


-customized packages.  These are customized link building packages designed around a client's objectives such as   improved keyword rankings, link diversity, or local search visibility. They are ideal for client's wanting a complete solution to a particular part of their SEO programme.   Typically prices start from circa £500 per month for a three month improved keyword rankings package suitable for a client with medium competition keywords.


-macro site packages.  These are our various specialized large site products (content generation, bulk anchor text linking, integration) specifically aimed at advertising driven, e-commerce & macro sites which in other areas are already well SEO optimized in the traditional sense.  We are happy to work on either a "review and advise" or "review, advise & implement" basis. 


- full consultancy.   This is our preferred route for working with clients as it allows us to fully integrate and optimize all the client's internet platforms (e.g. local listing, website & Facebook etc.).  We can also provide a Top 10 search ranking guarantee for pre agreed keyword phrases. Typically  a total cost in the region of  £3,000 -£4.500 for 3 months consultancy will  be sufficient to obtain  first page  Google rankings for all the clients low & medium competition  keyword searches.  For macro sites or high competition keywords additional consultancy work may be required.


 The best way to start the ball rolling is to just send us a short email to  info@london-seo-consultancy.co.uk with details of your objectives (e.g. what keywords want to rank for), concerns (e.g no Google Places listing)  & any specific requirements  (e.g. reputation repair).  We can then advise you on what products/ services you need, give you a quotation and crucially let you know what results we can produce for you & time scales too.


Why London SEO Consultancy


There are a number of reasons why our SEO services - and particularly full consultancy services - are exceptional


-quality.  London SEO uses highly effective sophisticated and/or proprietary SEO methods which are only available through us.   This is essential as the signature of unsophisticated and/or over utilized SEO methods are easily detected by Google's filters.  


-completeness. London SEO covers the whole range of SEO services from authority site submission to social media marketing.  This is essential as Google's search algorithm  now includes a much wider range of variables -including social media signals - and severely penalizes site's whose backlink structure  is incomplete and hence looks  unnatural.


-cost effectiveness.  London SEO is able to provide highly cost effective solutions because we do not employ sales staff and do all our copy writing and link building in house. This also ensures a much higher quality service


- guarantee.  For consultancy clients London SEO guarantees Top 10 search rankings for pre agrees keywords and timescale for achieving these results.


-research.  We spend at least half our time on research projects.  We are perfectly able to customize  or develop new SEO methods to suit our clients objectives.


- service.  As well as swift turnarounds and detailed client reports all client management is done by the consultant (all English speaking UK nationals) actually completing the project ensuring a much better interface and depth of understanding of the client's objectives.     


- track record.  London SEO has achieved a 100% success record in getting its clients in the Top 10 for targeted keywords phrases.  In addition we have created video channels and social media platforms with over 500,000 views and over 1,000 (active) friends.


- testimonials We can supply references & testimonials from happy existing and past clients on request.



Our clients


We work with three principal groups of clients


- advertising & web design clients.   We provide white label services to advertising & web design agencies as part of their overall client offer


- project & customized package.  We provide project specific & customized link building services to clients directly from our website


- full service consultancy clients.  We provide full service SEO consultancy services to clients such as   top London clubs website Designmynight, London burlesque club Peacock Bar, London pole dancing school PolePeople, London portrait photographer Karl Yates Photography, London cookery school School Of Wok, internet price comparison site Broadband Providers and corporate cookery class provider Cookery Coach and London dance studio 



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